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Catching Fire Review (HG #2)

Catching Fire - Suzanne  Collins

The best book of the series. Weirdly, the combination of the hunger games and the ongoing rebellion in Panem made the storyline rich and even more captivaing than in the first book.

The only flaw I think this book has is that the games ended altogether in this one and I kinda wanted to see other arenas as well and was a little disappointed that there would be no other games. Does that make me a bad person? :) Well, I wouldn't want to see the actual show if it was real but as long as it's fiction, yes, I wanted to see another arena and more games, 76th and so forth.

Other than that the book was superb.

Hunger Games #1 Review

The Hunger Games  - Suzanne  Collins

One of my favorite books of all times. A lot of people say that it is so flawed and copied from somewhere else but none of that matters to me. I was reading it captivated 100% and could relate to Katniss 100% and that is all that mattered to me. It is a great book and I stand by it.

Presence (Presence series book 1) Review

Presence - Perie Wolford

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I really loved this book. As far as the science fiction goes it was superb.

Yes, maybe the writing and the characters were a little flat and not quite there but it wasn't annoying to me at all because I was so captivated by the plot that I wanted to keep reading no matter what.

The storyline, it takes you into this new world and it is so different and interesting. I thought it was quite imaginative of the Author to come up with all those elements like the Systems and the trapping balls and the Elite, etc. They all fit together well and created a vivid picture in my head.

Besides that, I also related to the drama in Samantha's life and her losing everything so fast. I had a little bit of similar drama of my own and I definitely could relate to her struggle and was inspired also with the way she managed to get back on her feet no matter how hard the blow was. 

The ending was great, for the series that is. It definitely makes you want more. Luckily the second book is on the way.